USA, Nevada and California

November 1 – 28, 2015.


We entered Nevada from Utah on November 1st, 2015 and camped at Elk Flat Campground (Cave Lake Sate Park) after watching the NFL football game at the Historic Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall in Ely, Nevada. I don’t care much about football but watching the scene at the Hotel Nevada was entertainment enough. Joe loves his Eagles and does not get to watch football as often has he would like… life on the road!

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While in Utah we had decided  to go back to XPCamper in Grass Valley, CA to get our Webasto Dual Top (hot water and heater) fixed and a few other items before heading South to Mexico. We drove Highway 50 through the whole state of Nevada from East to West without really stopping until we hit a snow storm in the little town of Austin, NV. We pulled along side of the road and settled for the night but not before having a shot or two of Honey Bourbon.

Snow storm near Austin, Nevada
We stopped for lunch in Historic Carson City, NV where these deers were just roaming through the neighborhood. We also visited the Nevada State Museum and tried their hot springs pool in operation since 1849!
Another snow storm near Lake Tahoe, NV.


We had a few days to kill before XPCamper was ready for us so we headed to the California Coast for some sun and warmer climate.

The cool town of Santa Cruz, CA. It’s amazing how a few hours of driving can bring such a different climate.
West Cliff Drive along the Pacific Coast. Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz is the quintessential California beach town and it was here that surfing was first introduce to mainland USA by Hawaiians.
We camped for four nights at New Brighton State Beach in the town of Capitola overlooking beautiful Monterey Bay.
It was so nice to be back near water, sun and sand. Morning walks and just sitting and enjoying the Californian coastal lifestyle. Great to celebrate 6 months on the road. (We left Florida on May 5th, 2015)
My new favorite breakfast: Banana French Toast with Honey made with love by my husband!

Back in Grass Valley for a few days (Nov. 10-16, 2015) XPCamper got everything in working order in our camper and Tom’s Car Care Center Dodge Ram Pro Derrick installed our new cryo treated brake rotors and pads, put a resonator on the pipes, tuned up the joints and corrected a few issues, the new work made El Capitan purr! Thanks Tom and Mr D!


From Grass Valley we headed South for the Mexican Border  with a few stops along the way.

McDonnell Sate Recreation Area near Modesto, CA.
Like everyone says, it’s the incredible people you meet along the way that make traveling such a rewarding experience. Cathy, the Campground Host in a small campground in the middle of nowhere near Modesto, CA is one of these people.
Cathy’s outlook on life and remarkable energy made us appreciate mankind “womankind” more than ever.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park encompasses two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado.
Hike to skull rock.
The surreal geological features are what makes this park so special.
Jumbo Rocks campground was great, it reminded us of the Flintstones.
Enjoying the sunset.
A little house in the desert?
We spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, CA at the Happy Traveler RV Park  enjoying the pool and jacuzzi, doing laundry. They treated us to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.
Palm Springs has been a popular destination since the 1900’s for its dry and sunny climate and a favorite of the Hollywood Scene since the 1950’s. It is famous it’s modern architecture and numerous golf courses.

Next, MEXICO … stay tuned!

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  1. Great trip! Always nice to read you. Gives us a chance to wish we were there…..take care and have a Great Holliday in Mexico.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I feel like I am along for the venture with your photos and descriptions. Good stuff.

  3. Hello ! Happy to know your still having so much fun and that everything seem so great for you guys….. guest your heading to guadalara and Ajijiic soon…….I know some people are waiting a lot to see you ahhhh!
    Have fun and I will be waiting for some news again soon…..

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