Our Rig

In 2014 we made one the most important decision of our lives: we decided to sell everything we owned to become full time Overlanders and explore the world while we were still “young” and healthy.  

The second biggest decision was the vehicle selection!

Finding the vehicle that would suit us best, was not an easy task.

Our online searches were endless, we first fell in love with the Toyota Landcruiser Troopy camper conversion in Australia but we quickly found out that it was impossible to import to the US (unless in was 25 years old) and after all, it was maybe just to small for us.

After more research our final 2 options were the Bengal TX by TIGER Adventure Vehicles and the V1 by XPCAMPER.

In October 2014, we attended the Overland Expo in Asheville NC and were able to see the Tiger and the XPC and all kinds of other great Overland Vehicles.

After much reflection we made our final decision and in January 2015, after selling our house, we put a deposit on a V1 XPCAMPER (now Nimbl Vehicles).

We liked the bright and airy interior, the queen size bed with a lot of headroom, the low profile of the vehicle that fits in a shipping container, the superior design technology and the overall quality.

But first we needed a truck …

In March 2015, after searching on Craigslist and AutoTrader we found the truck we were looking for in Sandy, Utah: a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT, Quad Cab, SRW (Single Rear Wheel) with a Cummins 5.9L turbo diesel engine, 4WD with only 48,000 miles.

Because our journey takes us through Central and South America, we had to go with a 2007 truck or older because of the ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel) that is not available in most Central and South American countries.

It also came equipped with a Jake Brake which will be very valuable when driving the many downhill roads in Central and South America. It will spare our brakes from heating up. The engine brake was an unexpected bonus.

Modifications and add-ons:

ARB Front Bumper
WARN Winch 16.5ti with synthetic rope
IPF 900 Dual Beam lights with 110/80 watt bulbs
TOYO Tires A/T II Open Country Xtreme LT295/70R18 129/126S
Fuel Off Road Wheels Deep Lip Beast D564 18×9
ICON 2.5’’ Lift Suspension System: Coil Springs, Shocks, Stabiliser bar
Daystar Air Bags
ARB front and rear Airlockers (Air operated locking differentials)
Dynatrac Free Spin kit
Sway bar
AFE Power Front Differential Cover with Gasket
Steering tie rods
AFE Power Rear Differential Cover
ARB Differential breather kit
Borgeson Upgraded large Steering Box
Borgeson Steering Shaft
Stabiliser bar
Performance enhancement package:
Volant Air Intake System, MBRP exhaust system, Edge vehicle monitoring system
Pure Flow Airdog 100 (Fuel Pump)
TITAN Diesel fuel tank (62 gallon)
ARB Dual compressor with tank and hoses
ARB 37 quart Refrigerator installed in the back of the truck (single seat removed)
XPC Skidplate

3M Automotive security window film
Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

Recovery package:
Masterpull Snatch block
ARB Tree protector strap 16ft
ARB Snatch Strap 24000 lbs
ARB Strap wraps
Maxtrax set with linking kit and leashes
ARB Speedy Seal Tire repair kit
ARB E-Z Deflator
ARB Blue Inflator with gauge
ARB Gear bag

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48’’
Hi-Lift Jack FK Fix-It-Kit
Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base

Tri-Lynx Levelers (pack of 10)

V1 XPCAMPER (now Nimbl Vehicles)

Standard features:

LED lighting
Stainless steel flush mounted sink
Dometic CoolMatic CRX-110 compressor refrigerator/freezer
Webasto Diesel cooktop x100
Marine hardware for all hinges and latches
Wet bath: Shower / Thetford Cassette toilet C402
Johnson Pump Aqua Jet Water Pressure Systems
Queen size bed with Froli box spring system
Under bed storage with custom storage bags
Large skylight/escape hatch over the bed
2 Maxx Fan
4 dual pane windows
72 gallon (270 l) heated fresh water tank
27 gallon (102 l) grey water tank
3M Whole Vehicle Water Filtration
Webasto Dualtop diesel water and air Heater
2 flex solar panels @ 200W ea w/30 amp controller
2 batteries @ 300 AH AGM 6V ea (300 amp 12V)


1 additional flex solar panel @ 200W
2 additional batteries @ 300 AH AGM 6V ea (300 amp 12V)
Pure Sine Inverter 2000w 12V with battery monitoring system
Dometic Awning 10’ polar with remote control and LED lights
Outside shower
Dometic Microwave
Rear LED GoLights
UV Water Filtration system
1.5’’ memory foam mattress topper

34 thoughts on “Our Rig

  1. Hi you two!
    What an amazing adventure!! I am inspired, and the whole reason I found your website is that I am searching for an XP Camper to get to some exploring. I see in a post from May 2020 that you are thinking to sell SIlver. Please can you contact me offline? I’d love to keep SIlver rolling 🙂 !

  2. That sounds like fun for all. Everything is good here. We’ve been in the XP in the US & a little in Mexico.

  3. Where are y’all? I’m just wondering. I’m imagining that y’all are having the best time!

      1. I like looking at your pictures & the route map. It looks like everything is going well with you all. We are fine and enjoying traveling too, just not on an endless wander like y’all are.

      2. Hi Kim,
        Great to hear from you! Ya, we’re still enjoying our nomadic lifestyle! It’s going to be 2 years that we left Florida, it just sounds crazy! Now in Panama and will be shipping to South America in mid May. It will be interesting to see if we really fit in a container! We’re also looking forward to discovering a new continent! Hugs and kisses to you and Chuck! J&J

  4. It’s hard to imagine that y’all have been in Mexico for 6 months! I’m so pleased to hear that you’re loving the road life. Oaxaca was hot for me last April but lovely in October & January. Chuck says hi!

  5. What auto insurance did y’all choose for Mexico? We’re heading down for just a quick trip.

      1. Thanks! we’re in San Carlos in the XP visiting friends who live there.
        When y’all are in Oaxaca, I know some lovely locals who could arrange fun outings. I can get y’all connected if you’d like. They’re wonderful people who are reliable for anything.

      2. HiKim! We already passed Oaxaca! It was great but hot! We are now in the Yucatan and will be crossing into Belize around Mai 25! Already 6 months in Mexico and 1 year on the road! We love our new life! Have fun in San Carlos and say hi to Chuck! J&J

  6. Hi! I don’t have a plan to go at this time. We may be in S AM at some point though. Will stay in touch with you. I like looking at your adventures!

  7. I’ll be in Oaxaca again for a brief visit starting Jan 28th. Y’all may not be that far South. May be in the San Carlos area in April.
    We’re skiing around the West in the XP now. I’m in head to toe goose down while y’all are in swim suits!

    1. Hey! I’m enjoying your posts & seeing what a great time y’all are having. I’m typing while in our XP in CO.

    1. Hi Kim, we are still in Baja and enjoying every minute. It would be so much fun to see you in Oaxaca, let’s keep in touch. Best wishes to you and Chuck for the new year!

      1. I hope that you got my message earlier. I don’t see it posted. I’ll be in Oaxaca 1/28-2/10. Y’all may not be that far south yet. I may be in San Carlos, Mexico in April but y’all may be further South by then.

  8. Looks like my previous message didn’t go through…. Oaxaca is lovely. Y’all will enjoy it & I am happy to share some special activities that I think you’d like. I know that y’all are serious walkers. I’ll be back in Oaxaca some time within a year. We’re going to Costa Rica later this year as well so we must stay in touch!

  9. Keep us posted. We’ll be in Cost Rica later this year, but you may not be that far south when we go.

  10. Joe & Josee! I found you! I’m so pleased to see the pics of your awesome rig. Can’t wait to catch up. I’ll be following you and believe that we can connect during your journey.

    1. Hi Kim, we have been without cell service for a while since we are in Canada enjoying British Columbia. We should be on our way to Alaska tomorrow and would love to connect with you guys on our way back. Cheers Josee and Joe

      1. Great pictures of the Yukon! I’m keeping up with y’all so when you head South we hope to meet you somewhere. Enjoy the adventure!

      2. Hi Kim, we spoke with Chuck and he told us that you were in Mexico so I guess we won’t see you. We are shouting for Baja for the first week of November. Enjoy Mexico!

  11. Hey there, just read your blog. Keep up the good work and picture, maybe a few less pictures of Joe! Take care and best wishes on your journey, Blue Sea isn’t quite the same.

    Jeff, Aileen, Alexander and Charlotte

    1. Hi Jeff, Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we are having a blast on the road. We are currently in Port Angeles WA and will be taking the ferry tomorrow to Victoria BC. Hope you had a nice summer at the cottage in Blue Sea. Cheers! Josee and Joe

  12. Hi Josee, So happy to see you guys are doing so good. This is so you and you are so brave for living your dream. Very excited for you and will be sure to follow you on your adventures.


    Jeymy Foster(Doubletree friend)

  13. Wow, just found your blog and want to wish you two a terrific and very safe journey. Geoff and I will be following you! If you ever make it to the Boston area, we would love to meet up with you!
    Sue and Geoff Andrew (we have the A frame cottage on Orlo island on Blue Sea Lake).

    1. Hi Sue, Nice to hear from you, hope you had a nice summer in Blue Sea, it is such a magical place. We are currently in Northern California waiting for our camper, we should be on the road soon and looking forward to explore Alaska. Thanks for following our Journey. Cheers! Josee and Joe.

  14. How exciting! We wish you guys the most wonderful experiences through your whole journey. We are looking forward to see and read all about it. Love you guys
    Andrée et Paul xx

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