Salvador Dali Desert, Lagunas Route, Bolivia (May 2019)

Our big plan is to travel the world, when the time came to decide where our journey would start it only made sense to begin in our own backyard and explore The Americas.

Pan-American Highway

After a little bit of research we learned that there is an actual route called the Pan-American Highway, the Panamericana in Latin America and the PanAm by Overlanders.

It starts or ends in Alaska depending if you started in the North or in the South, and goes all the way to the tip of Argentina crossing through North, Central and South America with the exception of a small portion (66 miles – 106 km) between Panama in Central America and Colombia in South America, that is impassable, called the Darien Gap.  

To cross the Gap you have to ship your vehicle in a container on a cargo ship or what we call roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) if it doesn’t fit in a container.

Of course we didn’t always follow the PanAm, we took many many detours, if you want to see our route with every stops we made along the way click on the photo bellow to reach the Polarsteps application we used to track our route.

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