USA, Colorado and Utah

October 22 – November 1, 2015.

We crossed from Wyoming into Colorado on October 22, 2015. It was a cold and rainy day but we were happy and anxious to discover the American  Rocky Mountains.

We spent our first night in Colorado in the mountains near Estes Park at Hermit’s Hollow Campground, pretty much by ourselves.

Our plan was to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, but after looking at the weather forecast we decided not to go and headed for the city of Boulder for a little bit of urban exploring.

Our first stop in Boulder: The Station, we could not pass up the opportunity to visit of a legal Marijuana Center! We bought a little bag of souvenir!
We had an amazing lunch at the Dining Hall and walked around the beautiful grounds of the  Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark in Boulder, CO.
We spent an afternoon in the ultimate Colorado Ski Resort town of Vail in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
Someone told us about this incredible spot to boondock (free camp) at 10,000 feet ( 3 048 m) in the White River National Forest, a 6 miles  climb on Tigiwon Road.
Cooking at 10,000 feet? No problem on our diesel Webasto cooktop.
We camped next to the historic Tigiwon Community House.

From the Rockies we headed West and spent a few days in Fruita, CO. We drove through the cliffs and canyons of the Rim Rock Drive of the Colorado National Monument.

Colorado National Monument

The Rim Rock Drive runs 23 miles along the plateau and was built in the 1930’s almost entirely using picks, shovels and sheer muscle strength to remove massive rocks and debris.
Nice spot to stop for a picnic, Independence Monument.
The 450 foot tall Independence Monument attracts climbers, specially on the 4th of July when they raise the American Flag at the summit.


October 27, 2015: Utah, another icon of the great West. Land of Mormons and incredible National Parks.

Driving from Colorado we got off the Interstate 70 and took highway 128, the scenery was just incredible.
We drove along the mighty Colorado River.
Someone had told us about this campground along highway 128 about 22 miles from Moab. Lower Onion Creek on BLM. Probably our most scenic camp spot so far.
Full moon at Lower Onion Creek Campground.
Next to our campground we found this great Horse Ranch. The owner was a real fan of John Wayne .

Since the 1940’s the Moab area has been a popular location for Hollywood movies. From old John Wayne classics to more recent hits. Some of the movies are: Mission Impossible II, Thelma and Louise, City Slickers II, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Geronimo, Rio Grande and many more…

We took a 2 hour horse ride on the most spectacular open range in the Moab desert. Moab Horses at Hauer Ranch 
The only campground in Arches National Park was full but we found another great spot on BLM along highway 128.

Arches National Park, Moab Utah

Arches National Park is 76,679 acres and contains over 2,000 natural sandstone arches.
Along the Devils Garden hiking trail.
Posing in front of Landscape Arch.
Scenic drive, many outstanding natural features.


8 thoughts on “USA, Colorado and Utah

  1. Salut,
    Hope all is well with the two of you.
    Joe, you did a lot of truck enhancements
    What were they, ( the shocks) more specifically
    We are now in Tucson, heading to Cali

    Your neighbour in PV

  2. Joe Parsons – I am enjoying your Journey and a bit envious. You guys are doing what most of us dream about but never have the guts to do. I know if I got to The Station in Boulder I would have stayed forever and filled up my camper with souvenersirs God bless you folks and have fun and be safe. Life is so short! I always enjoyed your company. (Nice Camper) Bob

  3. We met outside Ensenada, B.C. At the hot springs. We lived in Leadville, Colorado for 10 years ! You were so close to our old home. After my stem cell treatment I so want to join you and this adventure! I pray blessings for your trip!! Enjoy!

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